A Discussion on Ryan Carter and the Between Two Minds Series

Who is Ryan Carter?

We first meet Ryan on the verge of completing a seemingly revolutionary procedure: mind migration. He’s a 22-year-old, life-long paraplegic, and all he wants is to walk.

Why Ryan Carter?

A lot of reasons. “Ryan D. Carter” is a play on René Descartes, the French philosopher who said, “I doubt; therefore, I think; therefore, I am.” People often drop the “doubt” portion of the phrase, but  it’s very important. So long as you can question your existence, you are conscious, and you are alive.

Ryan, like so many today, has a desire to escape his naturally-given body. For him, it’s his disability driving that desire. For others, it’s serious illness, gender identity, body dysmorphia, and other reasons. I think we can all relate a little to his plight.

What’s a Mind Migration?

In the near future, a corporation called Atlas Digenetics (like digital genetics) develops a procedure to transfer a person’s thoughts, memories, and personality—everything that makes them who they are—into a lab-grown, fully functional body.

What’s the Catch?

It’s expensive. There’s a year long preparation. The side-effects could include death. But Ryan experiences something not found in any of the manuals, and his life depends on him figuring out what’s happening to him. The whole process changes him forever


What are Some Themes in the Series?

I try to pull from philosophy, psychology, and sociology in the series.

Fatherhood is a big theme in Book 1 along with self-worth and self-image. The brain in the vat and the duality of humans are threads that are there.

Book 2 deals with impostor syndrome, stolen labor, betrayal, and human dignity. I also pay direct homage to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War in a chapter.

Where will you be taking the series next?

I’m working on a side project right now, but Book 3 will be a prequel to give the proper respect and backstory to an important character in Book 2. After that, I have two more full length novels in mind to finish out the series.

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