Teaser – Between Two Minds: Revelation

Existential crisis experienced by a main character in Between Two Minds: Revelation:

Billions of years ago, without rhyme or reason, the most epic explosion flipped the binary switch of existence. The boundless void of absolute nothingness that had always been was instantly supplanted. Bits and pieces of stuff suddenly appeared everywhere. Matter and antimatter were; whereas, they previously weren’t. And just like that, infinite emptiness was replaced with limitless possibility.

Unsurprisingly, things did what things do. They happened upon each other. In some cases, these meetings occurred with unimaginable force. These immensely powerful collisions brought on obvious change to the opposing forces. However, something completely different began to happen as well. Grains of space-time sand clustered into quarks. Then, quarks bunched into atoms. Next, atoms grouped into solids, liquids, gasses, and plasmas. Eventually, countless mineral clusters had come into existence and continued to float about space. Sometime later, an even more awe-inspiring and seemingly less likely event transpired. Something so unfathomably improbable that it had to be regarded as a miracle.


Earth is an astonishingly stunning example of the miraculous spontaneity of the known universe. The perfectly precise elements and conditions came together on a tiny, blue planet, in an otherwise unremarkable solar system, allowing animated beings to come into existence. Every single organism, large or small, sentient or not, defied the ludicrous odds that made them living, versus the unimaginable majority of everything else in the entire universe that is inert. The living are but a fraction of an infinitesimal fraction. The tip of the tip of a needle in the expansive haystack that is the cosmos. And somehow, happenstance still happened upon us, and therein lies the problem.

Like a working-class grunt who holds a winning lottery ticket, he stands looking at the Door to Revolutionary Change. He reaches into his pocket to find the Key of Random, Dumb Luck. As he inserts the key and feels it work, a disconnect develops between the extraordinary effort almost always needed to significantly and positively alter one’s position in life and the undeniable benefits of such an unlikely transformation. Riches are suddenly thrust upon him, someone who had slaved his entire life for a barely livable wage.

It’s no secret that stumbling upon unearned riches through an overwhelmingly improbable raffle can have countless side effects. When an expansive chasm opens between one’s fortune and one’s effort, otherwise skeptical individuals can be bamboozled into thinking that simple victories should always result in enormous wealth. In that sense, as complex and fascinating as we cognizant creatures are, one of our greatest, most fearsome foes is winning easy. It has the ability to reduce us to our simplest form.

Egomaniacal, conniving assholes.


Read and review Book One Between Two Minds: Awakening before Book Two is released!

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