March 10, 2019: Indie Book Box

Indie Book Box

We interrupt your regularly scheduled spotlight to bring you information about a NEW service that is shining a bright light on many indie authors.

If you have followed our Indie Author Spotlight for any amount of time, you know the goal is to shine the light on amazing independent authors who may not otherwise get a chance to shine. In doing so, the hope is to connect these awesome writers with readers who will like them as people and love their books enough to purchase copies. The Indie Book Box is taking this concept to a whole new level.

What is the Indie Book Box?


Founded by the veteran indie author William Aicher in 2019, the Indie Book Box is a new book subscription service that connects amazing indie authors with readers who love great books in many genres. These books are some of the best in the writing community, with unbelievably good stories and quality physical copies.

As a champion of the writing community, I (D.C. Wright-Hammer) was one of the first subscribers. I was really excited to receive the very first box in March 2019. Packed inside were the books of some of my favorite indie authors, some neat indie swag, and a letter crafted just for this box.


If you know anything about independent authors, the picture above is unbelievable. We dream of having our books put in front of readers for us. Indie Book Box is doing just that. Connecting great authors with readers who will love them.

Need great books
and a little mystery in your life?

You pick your genres but William & co. hand select the actual books you’ll receive. This saves you from having ‘Netflix paralysis’ in choosing the right book for you. When it arrives at your doorstep, you’ll be surprised and thrilled that you’ve received one or more amazing books.


Use the exclusive code below
to receive 25% off your first box!


But wait! There’s more!

Meet the amazing indie authors who were included in the very first Indie Book Box, and learn why they love being independent. Check out their website, social media, and pick up a copy of their newest work for yourself and friends.

headshot - Steve HosmerDawn Hosmer

Being an Indie Author means pursuing my passion of writing without the constraints of traditional publishing being placed on me. It means maintaining the control and integrity over my own work. It also means that the bulk of marketing falls on me as well as the need to self-motivate.

Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Poulomi Sanyal - Poulomi SanyalPoulomi Sanyal

Being an Indie author is a matter of choice and not a fallback option for me. All my life, I’ve worked in entrepreneural roles, handling multi-million dollar businesses for Fortune 500 technology companies. This has taught me to see the value in an expedited time-to-market for a product. This is something that Indie publishing alone can provide. There is no point sitting on a finished and polished product for months or even years when it could immidiately be offered to your customers (in this case, the readers). Also, I love the fact that as an Indie author, I get to call all the shots. Of course, I can and always do seek professional help for editing etc., but at the end of the day, the entire publishing decision, creative concept, its profits and losses are my very own. Being a fiercely independent person, this approach really suits my personality.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

20190312_223633 - Restarter LodgeSean McMahon

For me it’s about being a part of a wonderfully supportive community of creatives, whilst also being the closest I’ll ever get to being able to say I’m Indiana Jones. I get to work to my own timescales too. Regrettably, I’m brutal when it comes to self discipline. So rarely take a day off.

The Dark Restarter, the second instalment of the time travel adventure Restart series is releasing on March 22nd!

IMG-20190215-WA0062 - Restarter Lodge(1)

On February 10th 2019, book 1 of
Thought Warriors: The Coming of Kalki
was launched on Amazon!


Continue to Shine the Light on
these Amazing Indie Authors by

Purchasing, Reading, Reviewing, and Sharing their work!

Subscribe to the Indie Book Box today with promo code:

Learn more about the Indie Author Spotlight

Disclaimer: The Indie Book Box and authors on this page are not directly affiliated with Hammerstone Creative. The Indie Book Box and authors’ content (including books and other writings) as well as their views and opinions are entirely their own and may or may not have been reviewed prior to publishing. Contact with questions.

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