Feb. 24, 2019: Marian L Thorpe

Marian L Thorpe

author pic - Marian Thorpe“Being an indie author means I can write about the themes and worlds I wish to explore, and not worry about market trends.”

Writer of historical fantasy (no magic) and urban fantasy. The ‘Empire’s Legacy’ series explores gender expectations, the conflicts between personal belief and societal norms, and how, within a society where sexuality is fluid, personal definitions of love and loyalty change with growth and experience.

The world of Empire’s Legacy was inspired by my interest in the history of Britain in the years when it was a province of the Roman Empire called Britannia, and then in the aftermath of the fall of the Roman Empire. In another life, I would have been a landscape archaeologist, and landscape is an important metaphor in the Empire’s Legacy trilogy and in all my writing, fiction and non-fiction.

I live in Canada for most of the year, England for the rest, have two cats, a husband, and when I’m not writing or editing, I’m birding.

What Does it Mean to You to be an Indie Author?

Being an indie author means I can write about the themes and worlds I wish to explore, and not worry about market trends. My books are thoughtful explorations of the consequences of cultural expectations, personal choice, and the impact of external events on the lives of more-or-less ordinary people in nations at war, not primarily action-adventure, and that is what I want to write. It does not garner a huge market share, but that’s ok.

What Do you Want Readers to Know?

I recently published Empire’s Exile, the third book in the Empire’s Legacy trilogy. This is the last book seen through the eyes of my female protagonist, Lena, but not the last I’ll write with the same main characters.

List of Books

In an Absent Dream (Vocamus Offcuts)

Empire’s Legacy Trilogy: Empire’s Daughter, Empire’s Hostage, Empire’s Exile: (Arboretum Press)

Exile ebook cover

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