Oct ’18 – Jan ’19

Check out these amazing indie authors!

They were part of the very first round of the Indie Author Spotlight at Hammerstone Creative. Click on their pictures to learn a little about them. Support them by buying, reading, and reviewing their books!

Sandy Barker
Romantic Comedy
00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181016152930111_COVER - Sandy Barker

Odin Oxthorn
Science Fiction

Joanne Paulson
jo small mug - Joanne Paulson

Winnie Winkle
Romance and Science Fiction
Headshot 2018 - Jet Netwal

Deidre Owen
Children’s Books
author 2 - Deidre J Owen

Sarah Bailey
Paranormal Romance
17837848 - Sezola

M. Dalto
MB - M. Dalto

Caroline Bertaud
Psychological Thrillers
author - Caroline Bertaud

Sarina Dahlan
Sarina with Lacewood Frame ROUND - Sarina Dahlan

Daniel Abrahams
IMG_1067 - Dan Abrahams

Jacob Rundle
47250456_1150555965110590_10784804614176768_n - jacob rundle

Sara Butler Zalesky
Sports and Women’s Adventure
20615136_10212351879244601_1473885933_o - sara z

Veronica Christopher
Short Stories
7e984a93-af23-4d9f-94ba-feff495350de - veronica christopher

Learn more about the Indie Author Spotlight

Disclaimer: Spotlight authors are not directly affiliated with Hammerstone Creative. The authors’ content (including books and other writings) as well as their views and opinions may or may not have been reviewed prior to publishing and are entirely those of the authors. Email hammerstonecreative@gmail.com with questions.

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