Feb. 3, 2019: PJ Skinner

PJ Skinner


pj 4 books - P Jeffcock“[As an indie author] I like the freedom to do things at my own pace, to chose my own covers and publish when I see fit.”

PJ Skinner is the author of the Sam Harris Series of adventure mystery/thriller novels. A geologist who has spent thirty years roaming the planet and collecting tall tales and real-life experiences, she now writes fact-based novels from the relative safety of London. She still travels world wide collecting material for the series and having her own adventures. The author is working on the fifth book in the Sam Harris Series, The Bonita Protocol, about a stock market scam, which will soon be available on pre-order.

What Do you Want Readers to Know?

The Pink Elephants, book 4 in the Sam Harris Series was released on the 25th of December.

List of Books

Fool’s Gold (permafree)
Hitler’s Finger
The Star of Simbako
The Pink Elephants
Sam Harris Adventure boxset 2-4

pjeffcock-fools-gold-ebook-catalogue - P Jeffcock

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