Oct. 28, 2018: Sandy Barker


00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181016152930111_COVER - Sandy Barker“As an indie author, I am defining my own niche of ‘contemporary women’s fiction’…”

Bio: I am a traveler and writer from Perth in Australia, and I’ve lived, worked and loved on three continents over three decades. Until recently, I lived in Melbourne, Australia with my partner, and this year we’re on sabbatical. We currently live in Porto, Portugal. In December 2017, I published my first novel and in July this year, its follow up. I am currently writing book three in the ‘Someone’ series with plans to publish in January.

What does it mean to you to be an indie author?

When I started down the traditional publication route, I got an agent quickly, and the feedback from publishing houses trickled in over the next several months. Most of it was positive – ‘a fresh authorial voice’ – but being knocked back after being told what a terrific writer I was, did not help me figure out my niche, nor hone my craft. And one publisher said, ‘this reads like a travel biography’. While I took that as high praise, she meant, ‘it needs a lot of work to shape it into something we’d normally publish’. It was then I decided to go the indie route. As an indie author, I am defining my own niche of ‘contemporary women’s fiction’ by writing heartfelt, funny and true-to-life romances set in beautiful locations. I’ve had great feedback from fellow authors and from readers, but getting my work seen and known is the most challenging aspect of being an indie author. Still, I have loved being part of the supportive, often hilarious, clever, and honest community of indie authors I’ve found through social media. They are my peeps, and in some ways get me better than people I’ve known for years. In short, I am proud to have written and edited two books and to have started my third – as an independent author.

What’s in the works for you?

I am working on book three of the ‘Someone’ series and will release in January next year. The great thing for readers is that there are already two books out there you can read while you wait.

You Might Meet Someone Cover Art DIGITAL

Learn more about Sandy Barker:

Website: https://sandybarker.com/novels/
Blog: https://sandybarker.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sandybarker

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