Jan. 13, 2019: Sara Butler Zalesky

Sara Butler Zalesky

20615136_10212351879244601_1473885933_o - sara z“[Being an indie author means] freedom!”

Sara has never lacked for imagination, but it wasn’t until the Fates decided to give the string of her life a tug, bringing her romantic leanings together with her passion for the sport of cycling and Poof! A story was written down and completed, much to her surprise and chagrin. She is a (self)published author of women’s fiction/sports romance series, Wheeler, was released in 2016, with the follow up, In Darkness, There is Still Light in April 2018. A third novel to complete the series, One Fire Burns Out Another’s Burning is currently in development. The author resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, with her husband and their son. Sara is a paralegal for a law firm in Chester County, Pa, an avid road cyclist, and indoor cycling instructor at a national chain.

What Does it Mean to You to be an Indie Author?

Freedom! (a la Mel Gibson’s William Wallace) I can write what I want, the way I want and revise it whenever the heck I feel like it, or find a mistake. My cover design, my fonts, my way.

What Do you Want Readers to Know?

I’m hoping to have the third novel of the Wheeler series finished up in early spring 2019. I hope.

The series opens with Wheeler, 2017 New Apple Official Selection for cross-genre fiction featuring a complex female main character, romance, and suspense, mixing in exciting racing scenes and a dollop of Shakespeare.

In the second novel, In Darkness, There Is Still Light, Loren’s racing season comes to a close, bringing her back together with the man she loves. But when someone from her past returns, can Loren emerge from the horror of her memories with a whole heart?

The third novel, One Fire Burns Out Another’s Burning, opens a new season, with new teammates and thrilling cycling races, but can Loren finally overcome the ghosts of her past to find happiness?

List of Books


In Darkness, There is Still Light

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