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Sarina Dahlan



Sarina with Lacewood Frame ROUND - Sarina Dahlan.pngBeing an indie author empowers me to publish the stories I want to tell, when I want to tell them.

Sarina Dahlan was born into an Indonesian family in Thailand, and immigrated to the United States at the age of twelve. While children in the west grew up on fairytales, she learned parables through ghost stories, mythologies, and Japanese manga. A graduate of the University of California, San Diego with degrees in Psychology and Visual Arts, she has blended both disciplines in careers as an advertising producer, corporate marketing strategist, small business owner, and a writer. Her supernatural short story, THE BENCH, recently earned a Silver Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest, 3rd quarter 2018. She finds inspiration for her stories in traveling, the people she knows, and the places she has lived. She currently resides in California with her family.

What Does it Mean to You to be an Indie Author?

Nobody gets an agent from short stories, or so I’ve been told. While that may be true, I believe there’s a place for stories like mine. Stories that straddle genres, philosophical disciplines, and cultures. Stories that bridge places and ideas. Being an indie author empowers me to publish the stories I want to tell, when I want to tell them. It also means that I’m responsible for everything from writing and publishing to marketing and publicity. I don’t have all the answers yet but I’m learning everyday from other indie authors who have been amazing at sharing their knowledge. So, being an indie author also means being a part of a supportive community.

What Do you Want Readers to Know?

My book Shadow Play: Ten Tales from the In-between launched on October 31. It’s a collection of interconnected stories set in Thailand and America, in-between reality and the fantastical, where ghosts stalk, lost spirits linger, and the living search for a meaning to life.

List of Books

Shadow Play: Ten Tales from the In-between

ShadowPlayeBookCover - Sarina Dahlan.jpeg

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