When I was in junior high, someone showed me how to play drums and I was instantly hook. Better yet, I had an ear for it, and I could break down what a drummer was playing without the need to see it. That passion for percussion spread to music in general when I got my hands on an old PS1 game called MTV Music Generator. It wasn’t fancy, but it did the trick. I’d spend hours and hours fine tuning my music and just enjoying the process. I took it to the next step with MTV Music Generator 2, and I was producing full length songs albeit confined to the PS2.

Still, all the digital work in music made me want to get into a real band, so in high school, I helped to start one call “Lost Cause.” It didn’t amount to much – a 4 song demo that has disappeared off the face of the earth – but it kept me going. My wife even bought me an electronic drum set as a wedding present, and it satiated my need for music for several years.

But like many people, life got in the way of my musical aspirations, and I stopped doing a whole lot all together. Fortunately, a few years back, I was exposed to Mixcraft audio mixing software, and I realized I still had the knack for making tunes. I starting putting together the tracks you’re listening to here. It took until getting my own website to mass distribute them, but I look forward to taking the music side of Hammerstone Creative to greater heights in the coming months and years. Let me know if you’re interested in any of the pieces below, and I can get you a copy.

All songs are produced and owned by D. C. Wright-Hammer.

“Rolling Hills”

An interweaving cerebral tune with a subtle complexity that merits another listen. The rolling solo in the end will also leave you wanting more.


“And the River Runs”

With a heavy bass riff and full percussion, this jazzy tune takes you from the calm mouth of a river all the way to the white water at the end. When it finally trickles off, you’ll be a better person for the journey.


“The Smell of Facepalm in the Morning”

Inspired by days that start off badly, this song is reminiscent of late 90’s and early 2000’s alternative bands like Blood Hound Gang, Custom, and Scapegoat Wax.


“This is Our Night”

You know those nights where you’re going to own it all! Start those nights off right by playing this song as loudly as you can handle.


“One Snowy Day” 

Inspired by the birth of my child. My wife went into labor during a blizzard, and I had to drive through it to get us safely to the midwife’s practice. Luckily, we all got there safe, and she and I became parents on a one beautiful snowy day.


“Reverse Yesterday”

To those great mornings that lead into bad days that end up as terrible nights. Waking up the next morning feeling awful, if you had one wish, you would reverse yesterday. Of all the music I’ve produced, this is my #1.